For many brides, the wedding cake is a centerpiece to their big day. We have seen (and tasted!) literally hundreds of decadent wedding cakes here at Plaza Lecea and would like to share with you some of the tips of the trade.

Cake types: White, Chocolate, Marble, Yellow, Specialty Flavors

For starters, figure out what type of cake that you want to serve your guests. White? Chocolate? A specialty flavor? The typical white and yellow cakes are often jazzed up with fruit or cream fillings. Chocolate is no longer solely for groom’s cakes; we’ve seen a push for brides that love their chocolate to end up on their cake and their grooms!  Try a specialty cake such as German Chocolate, lemon, strawberry, carrot cake or a marble cake (chocolate and white cake combined).  Although most brides do not know all the cake flavors, the bakers do. Make sure to ask them for the extensive menu when you walk into their store for your tasting.

Fillings: Strawberry, Lemon, Custard, Chocolate Mousse

Who said there can only be one flavor to a cake? Brides are now infusing different flavors into their cakes with exotic fillings. You can now choose fillings from Almond Crème to Italian Rum. Fruit infused custard has become a wedding cake’s best friend with its delicious creamy taste that will have your guests hoping that there are leftovers.  For the bride with not as much of a sweet tooth for rich creamy fillings, there are also simple fruit spreads that can be placed into the cake.

Cake by Cake & More

Frostings: Buttercream, Fondant, Royal Icing/Gum Paste

The first thing to think of when you are picking out your frosting is whether you are going for looks or taste. Buttercream frosting is light, yet rich in flavor, adding to the overall sweetness of your cake. Fondant, on the other hand, is great for creating smooth, seamless cakes but it is not as tasty as buttercream.  Just like fillings, buttercream can have flavors added to it to make your cake a fruity sensation from start to finish. Fondant, although made out of sugar, tends to taste a bit bitter due to the amount of dye added by the baker to give it the desired color you request. An upside to fondant though is that you can virtually make your cake any color you want. Also, fondant is better to bring out an intricate piping detail that you might want on your cake.

Round Cake

Shapes: Round, Square, Petal, Hexagon, Oval

Round cakes are timeless and very traditional. They can be decorated with various items such as a cascade of flowers or beautiful satin ribbons.

Times are changing though, and we have seen more and more brides go with more modern and contemporary shapes lately. Square cakes are being used by brides not looking to stray too far from tradition, but wanting something just a little different.

Petal cakes, also known as scalloped cakes, give a flowerlike shape ideal for garden weddings. This cake is very elegant and can look too bold with a lot of detail added to it. White icing with piping white detail is recommended for this particular cake.

Black Red Wedding CakeCake by Exclusive Cake Shop

Hexagon shaped cakes have entered into the wedding realm as a show stopper. This six-sided wonder has become a favorite with brides for its ability to be picture perfect without putting a single decoration on it. For the brides preferring décor, you can place pearl piping along the seams of the cake or place elegant flowers such as orchids or calla lilies at each cake base.

Tiered cakes with multiple shapes also known as topsy-turvy cakes and have become a new fad for the fun and fancy bride. In the spring, these cakes are perfect for bridal tea parties with an Alice in Wonderland twist. The crazy shapes and way they are set up give the appearance of tipping over, but the cake is as steady as stone. The eye-popping optical illusion will have your guests remembering your party through the ages.

Alternatives to Traditional Cake: Cupcakes, Pies, Cheesecake, Candy Bars

Cupcake CakeCupcakes by Cupcake Couture

Tiers of cupcakes are easily distributed among your guests and are perfect for a bride on a tight budget. Pies have also begun to hit it big at weddings as well, and are showing up more as the alternative to a groom’s cake. An uncommon, but still delicious option added to the wedding cake list has been cheesecake. Cheesecake may not be traditional, but it is absolutely ideal for hot summer weddings. Candy bars with specialized labels for the bride and groom are also a “sweet” parting gift for your wedding guests. There are other alternatives as well. We’ve seen cookie cakes, ice cream cakes, and more!

Toppers: Traditional, Glitzy, Unique

Although the traditional bride and groom cake topper is an option, most brides are choosing to use flower cake toppers to give their amazing cakes some extra oomph. A monogrammed letter has also become a popular cake topper for modern brides looking to add a little bling to their cakes without going too overboard. The bride and groom topper have not disappeared, but it has been giving a new humorous twist on some occasions. Cakes have been spotted with the bride topper dragging the groom to the altar, or the groom impatiently waiting for the wedding to be over to make it to a big soccer match. There have been many weddings where we have seen lovebirds placed on top of the cake as well. There are a variety of options for cake toppers that will fit every bride’s style.

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