For all you lovely ladies that have recently become engaged, it can be very exciting to get the word out and let all your family and friends know about your special announcement.  The first thing you need to do is pick a date so you can start your engagement photos and get the save-the-dates sent out!  Engagement photos and save-the-dates have become just as much part of your wedding at picking your dress, venue, and caterer.  Now day’s majority of couples use their engagement photos for their save-the-dates.  They also can be used for your thank you cards, photo books, magnets and endless counts of other options, so it can be very important to incorporate your own personal style and have fun with it!

Let’s begin with your engagement photos.  These can be very fun and exciting for you and your fiancé to get out and have a special day together having your own personal photo shoot.  It is a great way to incorporate your personalities and even the theme of your wedding.  Make sure to do a lot of research, such as Pinterest and many other websites to get some fun ideas.  Then when you meet with your photographer have examples and explain to him/her what you want.  Your photographer may have great ideas that you did not even think of as well, so check with them when you book their services to see if they have any special partnerships with local hotels or parks for the shots.  Living in San Antonio or any other city, downtown is a great destination to have your shoot.  From rustic alleyways to gorgeous parks and even all the lights at night you can get some really beautiful shots of you and your fiancé.  Living in San Antonio, you have to option going to the Riverwalk as well.  If you are more of a country bride, drive little ways out of the city and take your pictures in Bastrop or Gruene.  Some of the best engagement photos I have seen are having just a simple shot of you and your fiancé with the beautiful nature in the background.  Make sure you don’t forget outfit changes and props for your photos.  It is always nice to have a variety of photos to choose from.

Now for the save-the-dates.  When taking your engagement photos, while you have your photograph, you and your fiancé can maybe create a few posters with your date and cute quotes. We have also seen it done with chalkboards.  Pinterest is great for this because you can get countless ideas.  Let’s say you go downtown, a great idea is to find a theatre and majority of them, if you plan ahead will put your names, date and whatever else you may want on the marquee.  We have seen this done and it turns out to be super cute!  Now going back to that country bride, a great idea would be to write the date on the bottom of yours and your fiancé’s boots.  Such as one shoe has the month, the next the exact date, the third, the first part of the year, then the last boot with the final part of the year.  Sit down with your feet extended and you have your shot!  Make sure to also check with your photographer on ideas for this as well.  They may have a great destination that you like or have done something in the past that fits what you are looking for!

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.  This may be the first and last time you will get your soon to be husband out for a day doing a photo shoot with you.  So go with the flow, make the most of it and make these memories special and about the two of you!  Remember these pictures will last for a lifetime and be the first step in planning your wedding!