Planning a quinceanera or Sweet 16 can be overwhelming.  And if it isn’t complicated enough, we know that young ladies are known to change their mind quite frequently. We’ve seen tons of Quinces and Sweet 16’s here, but we love to put a little spin on things, so here are some new and fun ideas for your upcoming event!

A big hit right now within Quince and Sweet 16 themes are animal prints. Zebra, leopard and giraffe prints are all the rage. Pairing the print with a bright color is a great way to show off youthful personality. Zebra with hot pink or turquoise/aqua is a big hit. Giraffe print with greens or pinks looks nice. Even leopard with black and red really pops. You might want to consider adding as sash or hairpiece with your print on your dress to really include the animal print in your theme. Incorporating feathers, boas and fringe can spruce up the décor.

Disney-themed parties are always up there in ideas when it comes to Quinces and Sweet 16’s. We’ve seen a lot of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast themed parties and while they are incredibly beautiful, think about incorporating a newer princess. Maybe a Princess Jasmin and do an Arabian Night’s themed event with jewel-toned linens and magic lamp centerpieces. Even an Ariel-themed event with beachy-décor and your true Prince Eric as your escort or date. You don’t even have to be a red-head to pull it off. Ariel dresses can be in a blush pink, emerald green or white and make your lighting blue so that guests feel like they are truly under the sea! Lastly, a Mulan-themed event with Asian-inspired décor (we even have the perfect red linens with gold chair covers to pull this theme off!). A Princess theme will always be in style.

Why not try a Great Gatsby themed event? With the movie coming out TODAY, it is the perfect time to try something completely different than all of your friends! We love the idea of guests dressed up in 1920’s attire and you can wear a nice ball gown in, but change into your own flapper dress for the dance! If you are really into the theme, you can even add a murder-mystery dinner component to the event. Hang lanterns from our patio area and have guests sip sparkling cider instead of your usual soda or juice. Have fun feathered or boa décor throughout and maybe even use lamps as centerpieces!

Just remember that the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas, but always consider your parent’s budget. Take a look at Pinterest for more inspiration: