Besides your photos and video, having your guests sign the guestbook is the next best thing for remembering your special day! We heart our brides over at Plaza Lecea because they are so darn creative! Here are some quick ideas for making your sign-in completely different and uniquely you:

  1. Matted frame: Put your beloved engagement photo in a frame that you’d like to display in your casa. Make sure you choose a mat for the frame that is large enough for all of your guests to sign. Pick up a couple fine-tip sharpies and you are all set! Put the mat in the frame for guests to sign because otherwise they might sign too close to the edge and their message may not be readable when you put the glass and frame on.
  2. Quilt: Have guests sign or leave a well-wish on swatches of fabric in the colors of your wedding (or really any colors you’d like to have a quilt in). Ask a quilting enthusiast to help put your lovely quilt together!
  3. Photo booth: Love this fun idea because it gives your guests an opportunity to take home some instant photos of your special day! Most of the photo booth companies will print two copies of the pictures you take and give one to your guests as a keepsake and put another in a book and have them sign it. And there are so many fun accessories that the photo booth companies bring to make your pictures memorable! We recommend San Antonio Photobooths: or TNT Photobooths of Texas:
  4. Guest Book Store: Ok, so we haven’t seen this one here, but I came across it on another blog and thought it was too cool for school! People always find it troubling figuring out what to write in that small two-inch space, and a guest book from the Guest Book Store gives them an opportunity to answer a couple of fun questions and even draw a picture of the bride and groom! You will be amazed at the funny things your guests come up with! Here is the site:
  5. Wishing tree: Pick up some branches or curly willow from your local florist or Hobby Lobby and spray paint them the colors of your wedding. Cut out shapes (we’ve seen lots of hearts) and connect a hook to the shape so guests can hang the wishes from the branches. You can display this tree at your home or put the shapes into a scrapbook later.
  6. Photobook: Gather all of your favorite photos as a couple (or even as kiddos) and put them into a photo book on or There are so many ways to personalize the book