With so much to do to plan a wedding, one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is what kind of cake topper you want. Today there are so many choices compared to years ago. There are also various styles to toppers such as traditional, contemporary, fun, romantic or religious.

Make the cake topper unique and special to you as a couple and more personal than the traditional bride and groom standing next to each other with hooked arms.  One trend is to put a monogram of your new last name or initials on the top.  These can be plastic with glitter, glass, crystal or other materials.   Adding a few small flowers will make the cake topper really beautiful, colorful and really stand out.  Depending on your cake, if you are working with sugar flowers on the cake you may want to ask the baker if they will make your monogram of fondant or chocolate.

A different idea is to use a cake topper that reflects your personality or the person of the couple. There are lots of fun and whimsical wedding toppers such as, the bride pulling on the groom, the groom holding the bride up to kiss her or the bride on a lower layer with the groom on the top layer helping the bride up to the top layer. These days you can express your view and who you are by the cake topper you select. For example, one bride and her groom had a topper with them both holding shotguns, to make the joke of the wedding be a shotgun wedding or even some with the couple in a car or on a motorcycle.  There are even some companies that will use pictures of the bride and groom to make the faces as close to the couple as possible.

As for the toppers, there are many ways to go and many ways to express the type of wedding you would like to portray. It’s your special day and you can be as creative and as imaginative as you like.

Wedding cake toppers can be purchased from specialty retailers online, such as http://www.Beau-coup-.com, http://www.weddingcollectables.com, Advantage Bridal, or Cake Toppers.com. Local wedding supply and party supply stores may also have cake toppers, although the selection may not be as vast as on the Internet. The bakery making your wedding cake may also be able to supply wedding cake toppers for you.